An update on our health clinics: Introduction of Tier 4 restrictions and Scottish national lockdown

22 December 2020

As you will have seen, on Saturday, the UK Government announced additional Tier 4 restrictions for London and the South East of England.
We wanted to update you on the impact these measures will have on the delivery of services for your clients through our health clinics.

Health centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland

In line with Government guidance, as an essential healthcare provider, our centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland are currently remaining open. This means that health assessment and Musculoskeletal appointments will continue to go ahead as planned.

Health centres in Scotland

Scotland will be going into a national lockdown from 26th December and therefore in line with guidance from Healthcare Improvement Scotland, our health assessment services in Scotland will need to temporarily close.

Musculoskeletal services, including Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physician, Osteopathy or Podiatry will remain open.

Continuing to provide GP services

Our GP services are still available to access remotely, via phone or video and face-to-face appointments at health centres will continue where necessary following triage. Early diagnosis leads to better prognosis so it’s important that people continue to get health concerns checked.