Why it’s worth switching to health assessment phone and email invites

27 April 2021

Clients with no recall methods are potentially missing out on us spotting employees’ health issues before they develop into bigger problems. By actively inviting their employees, we can help them take control of their health sooner.

  • Prevent big causes of absence – including the top three causes of long-term absence, stress, poor mental health and muscle, bone and joint injuries.1
  • Personalised and relevant testing – we can spot diabetes, heart problems and weight issues, all of which could make it harder to recover from infections and viruses.
  • Value insight to shape wellbeing strategies – if six or more of your clients’ employees attend in a 12-month period, they'll receive regular management information (MI) revealing which health concerns affect their people most, so they can focus on those first.
  • Kickstart 365 days of support – we can also point employees to self-help tools while booking their assessment, including our Bupa Be.Me app and online mental wellbeing programmes provided by SilverCloud Health.
  • Good for morale and keeping talent – actively shows their employer cares.
  • Reassurance on COVID-19 safety measures – our health centres are open and safe for employees to visit.

Please call your Bupa account manager if any clients would like to switch on phone or email invites (or both) – we need their permission first.

1CIPD Health & Wellbeing at Work Survey 2019.