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24 October 2017
Lizzie Carr, 31, Purley

If you’d told me four years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer that I’d now be a double world record holder, adventure athlete, environmental advocate and blogger I would never have believed you. But it’s true. 

I was diagnosed with stage two thyroid cancer in 2013…cancer isn’t something you think you’ll have to deal with in your twenties, but there I was. I had just returned from travelling and thought the fatigue I was feeling was a combination of coming home from a major trip and jet-lag, so didn't consider it when I went to the doctors with a small lump in my throat. I was shocked when I was told the news; I hadn’t even considered it as a possibility.

However, cancer, for all its downfalls, taught me to live with real passion and courage. It took being confronted with the prospect of losing my life to really appreciate just how valuable and fragile it truly is.

It showed me how to throw myself into everything that makes me feel alive with my whole heart, and without regret. It was the catalyst to where I find myself now and the journey I’m still on. More than anything it taught me to appreciate and savour the everyday moments that I once took for granted.

Having recently got the all clear, I can say that my experience with cancer gave me a new lens through which to view the world – and I feel incredibly lucky to experience the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

I choose to live deliberately and purposefully, knowing that there is a deep association between my good health and the ability to enjoy my daily life. I now live from adventure to adventure, helping to clean up our country on my paddle board through Plastic Patrol events nationwide and I even recently became the first female to paddle solo across the English Channel!

Our health plays the single most significant role in helping us to achieve professional success, happy and fulfilled relationships and even feeling confident. I am more aware of my body now than I ever have been and live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Head over to Bupa's YouTube channel to see me talk about my #EverydayMoments.

What is #EverydayMoments?

A new health report of 4,000 people, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, revealed that seven in 10 Britons overlook the role that feeling well health plays in enjoying their everyday lives.

The #EverydayMoments campaign sets out to encourage everyone to share their own ‘everyday moment’ – all the fantastic things that they do every single day thanks to good health. 

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