B is for Bath

31 October 2017
Tim Welland, 37, Wimbledon
I had been training with the Royal Marines Reserves, City of London Detachment for a year when I developed retrocalcaneal bursitis – an inflammation at the back of the heel bone, which caused excruciating pain when I moved my foot.

Concerned that the injury would worsen if I left it untreated, I spoke to my GP who referred me onto a specialist. I called Bupa, who arranged for me to go to The Lister Hospital in Chelsea where I was seen by a foot and ankle consultant. The whole process was straightforward and the team at Bupa made sure I was seen as soon as possible. 

Upon examination, the consultant advised that I needed an operation to correct the issue in my ankle – the affected bursa was removed, and part of the heel bone was shaved. This resulted in my leg being in a half cast for two weeks, during which time I was dependent on crutches.

I found myself pretty much immobile, so getting around was tricky. What made the situation even worse was that I couldn’t get my cast wet. This meant showers were impossible, I had to have baths instead. They’re not as relaxing as you might think when you have to have one leg hanging over the side!

When my cast was removed I felt such a sense of relief and I couldn't wait to have a shower or a relaxing bath. I definitely took the speed and efficiency of having a shower for granted and I missed it a lot when I was injured. 

Thankfully, my recovery was quick. I was operated on in late December 2010 and was back to full fitness and able to take part in the two-week Royal Marines Commando Course in May 2011 – not bad going! 

During every step of this process I was supported by Bupa which meant I could relax and know that I was being looked after with the utmost of care. The injury to my ankle made me appreciate the little things like simply getting around the house and even washing myself! I was glad to be back training and continuing my career in the Royal Marines. 

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