C is for Confidence

02 November 2017
Courtney Ireland, 31, London

In June of this year I took part in ‘The Great Big Walk,’ an idea from the Eden Project, funded by the National Lottery which involved a 21 day, 250+ -mile walk. The aim of The Great Big Walk was to connect people and communities across the UK by shining a light on all the extraordinary things people are doing in their neighbourhoods.

I became involved at the last minute, through my work with Eden Project Communities. I was invited to  join the London bound group as a walker from the London crew had to pull out due to a family situation. The pressure was on and although excited about the incredible journey that lay ahead, I felt a sense of responsibility to do it well for everyone who was involved. 

I had a Bupa ‘Health Enhance’ health assessment the month before the walk – a valuable pre-walk check-up all the walkers were able to access. Considering I had completed no formal training whatsoever and was about to embark on a 250 mile walk over the course of 21 days, I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to undertake an assessment. I was feeling quite nervous about the endurance challenge ahead and questioned whether my body would hold up! 

The health assessment at the Gough Square clinic in London (which has now moved to Chancery Lane), was fantastic! I saw three different specialists; a health assessor, a female ECG specialist to make the experience more comfortable and a wonderful caring doctor, all of whom were exceptionally conscientious. They were all aware of the challenge I was taking on and tailored their assessments and feedback so that it was relevant to what I needed and wanted to know.

The assessment covered everything from an ECG, bilateral blood pressure test, muscular-skeletal assessment, full battery of blood tests and a spinal mobility check. The latter was vital for the walk. My results showed that I had a completely clean bill of health, which was very reassuring considering the demanding physical undertaking I was about to commence.

Without question, I came away from the assessment feeling more than capable and reassured that I could do the walk, and do it safely, without injuring myself or causing any damage.  I was also able to glean some extra tips for nutrition and energy level management and even a recommendation for some brilliant socks, specially designed to prevent blisters and maintain comfort in extreme conditions. 

It wasn’t easy, and there were days when it was tough to get up and keep going, but I’m delighted to say I did it. I literally walked halfway across England; visited 40 amazing community projects along the way; appeared as an ambassador for the initiative on national television and radio and completed The Great Big Walk! What an incredible and unique opportunity it was! I felt so inspired by what I had experienced and proud of what I had accomplished.  I don’t think I would have approached it as confidently if it wasn’t for the reassurance of knowing I was fit and well.

This case study reflects the specific experience of one customer who used our Pay As You Go services at a Bupa Health Clinic.

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