Caring for your teeth: are you doing these five things wrong?

29 March 2017

We all know how important it is to look after our teeth, but are your routine and habits as good as they could be? It’s easy to slip into bad habits, or you might be following some tips you were given a long time ago, or that you’ve remembered incorrectly.

Our Bupa UK dentists are on hand to look at some of the things you might be doing wrong, and give you some tips on improving your routine!

A woman holds a sugar cube between her teeth

Flossing every now and then

The dental floss on your bathroom shelf may go untouched until there’s a bit of spinach you need to shift! But Jenni Seaney, Dental Hygienist, recommends flossing once a day.

Rinsing after brushing

Lots of people have a good rinse-out of their mouth after brushing. But did you know leaving the toothpaste on your teeth can help to protect them? Dental Hygienist Mohinder Sira explains ...

Brushing straight after breakfast

If you’re a fan of the snooze button, you may find that you rush through your morning routine to get out of the house on time. But – as Dr Pratish Dholakia explains – brushing your teeth right after you’ve had breakfast isn’t a good idea.

Eating small amounts of sugar at regular intervals

You may think that big sugar binges are more harmful to your teeth than regularly snacking on sugary foods. Mohinder Sira, Dental Hygienist, explains that it’s actually how often you have sugar that matters.

Trying to whiten your teeth with toothpaste

Lots of toothpastes claim to be able to work whitening miracles. Dental Hygienist Mohinder Sira says that to actually change the colour of your teeth, there’s only one treatment that really works ...

More questions about looking after your oral health? Our dentists give you the answers in our dental FAQs.

(And once you’ve heard from the experts, find out what these kids had to say about the importance of good oral hygiene!)

Bupa UK Dental Team

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