Six Christmas party food swaps for a healthier festive season

11 December 2017

With so much socialising during the festive season, it can be tricky to keep control of what you’re eating and drinking.

At Christmas parties it’s far too easy to work your way through canapés, finger foods and crisps, quickly racking up the calories.

Image of some nuts, fruit and Christmas decorations in a bowl

Of course – you want to enjoy the festivities, so go out and have fun. But if you’re planning your own celebrations, it’s worth bearing in mind the following simple Christmas party food swaps, to save yourself from all that fat and unnecessary calories.

Shop-bought tortilla chips
  • Homemade tortilla chips – oven bake corn tortillas for 5–10 minutes till crispy and cut into triangles
  • Toasted pitta bread cut into fingers
  • Vegetable crudités
Creamy and cheesy dips Salsa, hummus and guacamole, yoghurt dips
Crisps and salted nuts Popcorn, raw nuts and olives
Sausage rolls, pigs in blankets Smoked salmon blinis, meatballs, prawn skewers, antipasti board
Spring rolls

Satay chicken skewers, sushi, mini bruschetta

Vol-au-vents, quiche Mini frittatas, mini mozzarella and tomato skewers

If you’re trying to limit your calorie intake, as a general rule avoid anything deep fried, battered or covered in pastry.

Alcoholic drinks can also contain a lot of sugar. To keep your sugar intake down, switch to low-calorie mixers with spirits, go for a spritzer instead of white wine, and avoid drinking too many sweet cocktails.

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