Making the UK a dementia friendly society - a webinar

12 October 2015
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  • Webinar
  • Tuesday 20 October, 11am

As our population ages, the number of people living with dementia is set to increase. It’s never been more important to make the UK a dementia-friendly society, but how exactly can we do this?

On Tuesday 20 October 2015, from 11am to 12pm, we’re proud to be hosting a webinar, where professionals will chat through some of the issues surrounding dementia, including ways that understanding can and should be improved.

The webinar agenda

The webinar will include a detailed discussion, videos and footage, as well as advice, support and information for those living with dementia themselves or through someone they love. It will cover:

  • The role inclusive societies can play in increasing people’s awareness to help those living with dementia. We’ll look at how York is doing this and the results they’ve achieved. We'll also discuss tried and tested ways to break the stigma and educate people to help those with dementia.
  • Dementia in the workplace. With 40,000 working-age people in the UK living with dementia, it’s more important than ever that workplaces can adapt. We’ll talk through simple changes that employers can make to help staff with dementia feel safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Dementia and technology. With plenty of technological support now available, from apps to tracking systems, we’ll discuss how devices and gadgets can be used to help people to live safer and well with dementia.

The speakers

The webinar will be led by our very own dementia expert, Professor Graham Stokes, with Professor June Andrews also speaking.

Professor Graham Stokes

Professor Graham Stokes is our Global Director of Dementia Care at Bupa. Thanks to his 20 years’ experience in the subject, he has a breadth of knowledge on everything from choosing a care home to offering advice to those living with the condition. Something he has become known for is advocating the development of a person-centred approach to care.

Professor June Andrews

Professor June Andrews has had a significant impact on healthcare in the UK. She is currently Director of the University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre, and has carried out extensive research on ways that life can be improved for those living with dementia, both in the UK and internationally. Her book, 'Dementia: The One-Stop Guide' gives comprehensive advice designed to really make a difference.

How does dementia feel?

If you’d like to try and gain a better understanding of dementia before joining the discussion, take our dementia memory challenge. It’s designed to give you a sense of the confusion and frustration that dementia can cause. After you’ve played, have a think about how the game made you feel.

Sign up for the webinar today, and follow the discussion as it unfolds with the #BupaDementiaVision hashtag.

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