F is for Feeling myself again

13 November 2017
Phill Palmer, 34, Wigan

In my twenties, I was very active and with a young man's metabolism, I ate and drank whatever I wanted. However, weight started to creep on after a shoulder injury which lasted five years stopped me being as active. As my weight crept up, so did the pressure on my joints, resulting in neck, back and knee pain. 

The pain meant I exercised even less and as a result, I got myself into a downward spiral of bad diet, inactivity and discomfort.

The change came with the arrival of my daughter, Dorothy. My joints hurt when I held her which was hugely upsetting. As a result, I started looking after myself, with a healthier diet, and I began losing weight. Step by step, I felt better. In early 2017, I decided to take part in the Coast to Coast walk, which is a 125 mile walk across the north of England. I was apprehensive about it, so to reassure myself, I decided to have a health assessment to find out what I needed to do to prepare myself for the training and the challenge itself. 

I went to the Bupa Health Clinic in Didsbury and had the 'Peak' health assessment. It is aimed at identifying key health risks, directing you towards a healthier lifestyle and completing a fitness test. During the assessment, I was seen by a health adviser and a GP who compiled their findings and the results of blood and urine tests into a digital report. This gives a snapshot of your health at that moment. At the end of my assessment, I chatted through the report with the health advisor and together, we made decisions about the lifestyle changes I needed to make.

As well as the health assessment I sat down with Liam Hunt, a physiotherapist at the Didsbury Bupa Health Clinic. We discussed the walk, how it would impact my body and ways to train beforehand, which I found reassuring.  

I have recently woken up to the reality that I'm getting older and I need to look after my body better. Life is too short to second guess your health and I’ve now decided that I’m going to have a health assessment every year to keep track of my progress and how my body is changing as I get older. I’ve put a lot of work into making dramatic lifestyle changes and understanding how they affect my life – I want to make sure I’m doing the right thing.

In May, I completed the Coast to Coast walk and enjoyed every minute! This assessment gave me the confidence I needed to complete the walk and continue on my journey to becoming a healthier, more active dad! I can now pick my daughter up without feeling pain.

This case study reflects the specific experience of one customer who used our Pay as you Go services at a Bupa Health Clinic 

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The #EverydayMoments campaign sets out to encourage everyone to share their own ‘everyday moment’ – all the fantastic things that they do every single day thanks to good health. 

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