Get active during the adverts: try our ad break workout

Lucie Roux
Physiotherapist at Bupa UK
23 November 2018

Coming home after a long day and putting your feet up is a great way to unwind and leave the tensions of the day behind you. We all need time to relax and recharge.

But once you’re home after a busy day, it can be hard to find the motivation to get energised again. Before you know it, another day has passed without fitting in any exercise. Now that winter has set in, the temptation to stay in and enjoy cosy evenings on the sofa is hard to fight. So why not try our ad break workout to fit in some bursts of exercise while you enjoy your favourite shows?

You may find it hard to fit exercise into your day. Maybe you work long hours, or have a young family to look after? If time is of the essence, breaking up your activity into short sessions can be a great way to keep active through your day.

Now, you may be busy, but most people find the time to watch their favourite TV shows. And you’re entitled to – we all need down-time and a chance to relax. But what do you do during the adverts? Put the kettle on, check your phone or make a snack? What if you could make better use of this time and fit in a little bit of exercise? An hour-long TV show can have up to 12 minutes of advertising time, or as we like to call it – exercising time!

Make the most of your time while doing something good for your health and try our ad break workout below. You can click on the image to open a larger version.

Bupa's ad break work out

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Lucie Roux
Lucie O’Shaughnessy
Physiotherapist at Bupa UK

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