H is for House

20 November 2017
Karen Oliver, 26, Leicester

When I fell pregnant with my son, I developed Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG). It basically means that you are sick a lot, sometimes up to fifty times a day. I quickly became bound to my bed, and had to be scooped up off the bathroom floor, rushed to hospital and attached to an IV drip several times during my pregnancy.

HG is defined as 'excessive vomiting in pregnancy', but for many HG sufferers, this feels like the understatement of the century – imagine having something as bad as the norovirus for nine months. I couldn't keep any food or water down at all and rapidly lost two stone in just my first month of pregnancy, which was a huge worry. 

When I was well enough, I’d often look out of my bedroom window on a sunny morning and visualise being able to walk through the park with my baby in his pram, crunching through autumn leaves as we walked and pointing out the many dogs and birds we’d see on the way. This very image kept me going through the darkest moments. It really was horrendous, but I knew that if we made it through my pregnancy, I would forever appreciate being able to take my new baby son for a walk in the park. 

I'm very lucky, as my story has a happy ending. My son arrived safely two years ago. It's so easy to look back on all of this now and view HG as just a temporary setback in the grand scheme of things, but at the time it felt like endless suffering. 

Often it was hard to imagine survival, let alone recovery. I suffered with Postnatal Depression and had flashbacks of my pregnancy and the birth for over a year after my son was born.

This experience taught me that it is easy to take our health for granted. I now appreciate my good every day health and I try my best to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

I get to do that thing I once day dreamed about and I take my son for a walk and crunch through the autumn leaves and I feel grateful for every step.

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What is #EverydayMoments?
A new health report of 4,000 people, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, revealed that seven in 10 Britons overlook the role that feeling well health plays in enjoying their everyday lives.

The #EverydayMoments campaign sets out to encourage everyone to share their own ‘everyday moment’ – all the fantastic things that they do every single day thanks to good health. 

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