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23 November 2017
Luke Powles, 35, London
I had a fall and injured myself on a skiing trip about four years ago. To be honest I ski regularly and would say I am fairly capable, so my pride got me back up and I brushed it off as nothing. 

At first I felt ok but a few days after I got back to the UK my right shoulder began to feel incredibly painful and it completely seized up. I remember finding it hard to move and within the space of a day or so, my range of movement was vastly reduced.

I went to A&E and had an x-ray. I was prescribed a course of anti-inflammatory tablets and after a few days of taking those, the pain began to ease.

The diagnosis was a suspected case of tendinitis. Definitely not the worst-case scenario!

During the days where the pain was bad I found it so difficult to do the day to day tasks, made even worse by the fact the injury was my right shoulder – my stronger side.

Things like getting dressed, cooking, preparing food, tying shoelaces, putting shoes on, opening the door were incredibly difficult, if not impossible!  It’s amazing how much you use two shoulders, arms and hands to do everyday little things.

I go to the gym regularly and I couldn’t do any resistance training for about three months, which meant my routine became disrupted and I had to adjust to doing things a bit differently.

Relieved to say I made a full recovery and immediately booked my next skiing trip and fingers crossed, there haven’t been any more accidents to report.

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