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30 November 2017
Ed Cole, 36, North London
My left shoulder had been sore for a while and it was only when I thought I had completely wrecked my left shoulder that I sought help from a professional. 

I am a very active person, I swim, cycle and climb. One day, when my shoulder was mildly painful, I went for a swim and cycled home afterwards. After that my shoulder became increasingly painful, and I could barely move it.

It was a consistent pain, I couldn’t bear weight on it and it hurt when I was sleeping. It was so bad I couldn’t even carry a bag.

It was September 2016 when I booked in to see a Bupa physiotherapist at the Basinghall clinic. I had a couple of sessions with him where we tried different exercises, illustrative of where the pain was. 

To check there was no further damage, the physio recommended that I see someone who specialises in diagnostic testing for MSK conditions, to identify the cause of the problem and work out how to get better.

When I went to see them, I had an MRI scan called an arthrogram.  The doctor I saw was very professional, clearly explaining all of his processes to me. He talked through each stage of the examination and explained to me what he was testing for and why. This was interesting as well as reassuring as I knew we’d find a way to make my shoulder feel better.

To my relief, the doctor confirmed there wasn’t a tear, but he did diagnose Tendinopathy – a disease in the tendon which cases pain and inflammation in the affected area. Unfortunately, I had let it get quite bad, but the specialist explained what I could do to improve , and mend, my shoulder.

I was referred back to a physio, who had experience in shoulder injuries. I was given low-level exercises that were tailored to my needs and I started these straightaway. I did those in between appointments to ensure I was building up to the next stage of training.

I’ve now made a full recovery and feel stronger than I did before. I have embedded the exercises into my regime meaning the vulnerable part of my shoulder is no longer vulnerable.

After I started to feel better, I put myself to the test and scrambled up Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK. Fortunately I managed it completed pain free. I have gone from not being able to carry a bag, to that, in just a year! Thanks to the great treatment plan I received, I knew I would get better.

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