M is for Marathon

07 December 2017
Nathalie Belunza, Bristol
Woman finishing a marathon

Until I had spinal surgery in 2014, I suffered from back pain for several years because I had a prolapsed disc. I was lucky to recover very quickly, and within a matter of weeks, I was doing yoga and spinning classes – I never imagined this would be possible.

Unfortunately, I inadvertently pulled my back a few months later – just by taking out the recycling! I recognised the pain immediately - just as I was starting to feel good about my recovery, all I kept thinking was ‘this is it, I am back to the start again.’

I booked an appointment at the Bupa Bristol Health Centre on a ‘pay as you go’ basis and was seen the following day by one of the physiotherapists. I was seen four times in total and was pain free by the last appointment. The treatment and advice that I was given also helped me rebuild the confidence that I had lost. 

I hadn’t run in years because I was always worried about my back, but by June 2015, I felt so confident that I got back into running and was instantly hooked! Unfortunately, on one run it all went terribly wrong again. I had set off on a 20-mile course, but twisted my ankle at mile 16.

Determined to finish I carried on, which obviously made the injury much worse. I was so angry with myself afterwards. I had a sprained ankle and again, I found myself worrying about the long-term damage I had done.

At that point I had health insurance through Bupa ,  so I called the Bupa Business line*, and was referred back to the same Bupa physiotherapist; I felt instantly reassured. The physiotherapist was also very sporty and could therefore relate to how disheartened I felt. I will never forget her words; “Don’t worry; we’ll get you back in your trainers in less than three months.” When you’re so desperate for positivity, those words made such a huge difference to how I felt. I was optimistic and confident that I would get through this further setback.

True to her word, my physiotherapist got me back to health and I started shorter runs to aid my recovery. Then, against the odds, in April 2016 I ran the Paris marathon – something I didn’t think would ever happen, let alone after all my injuries. I believe that the guidance from my physiotherapist has been integral to my recovery and I will always be grateful to her.

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