New London centre raises the bar in joint replacement care

19 January 2018
  • New West London Joint Replacement Centre launches this week
  • First-of-its-kind partnership between healthcare leaders Fortius Clinic and Bupa 
  • Facilities set a new standard in hip and knee replacement treatment with latest robotic technology



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Today marks a new chapter in the independent UK healthcare industry for joint replacement care, with the launch of the Fortius Joint Replacement Centre (FJRC) at Bupa Cromwell Hospital.

Healthcare leaders Fortius Clinic and Bupa announce the first-of-its-kind partnership with the official opening of the centre today, which will provide hip and knee replacements using the latest ground-breaking robotic technology.

The cutting-edge MAKO robotic technology enables highly accurate placement of personalised knee or hip implants, smaller incisions, and faster recovery times. The latest evidence-based critical care pathways which are available at the new clinic aim to accelerate and improve all aspects of a patient’s recovery process following their surgery, and will also be a central part of the patients’ treatment plans.

As a nation of active elders, demand for joint replacement treatment continues to grow, and healthcare leaders argue that the industry needs to standardise care, to ensure excellence and best practice for patients. All patients seen at the FJRC will follow the same standardised Enhanced Recovery Pathway, which is a programme that ensures a quick recovery and improved outcomes for patients by accelerating and improving all aspects of a patient’s recovery process following surgery. This pathway combines a proven approach to pain management, clinical and surgical practice, patient education, mobility, and lifestyle, all of which helps to achieve optimal outcomes.

At the launch event this week, Mr Andy Williams, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and one of Fortius Clinic’s Founding Surgeons, spoke about the current state of UK healthcare and the benefits of using robotic technology:

“The future of joint replacement surgery must focus on ensuring consistent outcomes - in recovery, performance and longevity. There is a wide variability of surgery outcomes and complication rates in current orthopaedic practice. This is why we need to shift our focus to further training on using new technologies within the field to improve patient outcomes.

“The use of robotic technology is changing the face of joint replacements. The MAKO robot drives up the benchmark across the sector and ensures all patients have a consistent, high standard of care. Treatment with modern knee replacements are reliable, and carry little variability, when implanted correctly, but the performance does not compare to that of a patient’s normal knee. The future in joint replacement treatment is in the accuracy of implant alignment with the latest robotic technology to enhance accuracy. This is beneficial not just for patients but for improving opportunities for clinicians in furthering their capabilities.”

Jim McAvoy, CEO of the Fortius Clinic said: “In joining forces with Bupa Cromwell Hospital we believe that the Fortius Joint Replacement Centre will become the centre of choice for patients. The dedicated joint replacement centre offers a first class patient experience which includes care by high-calibre clinicians, a service that is responsive to patients’ needs, and one that utilises technologies and techniques that improve outcomes. We are proud to be leading in the design of great patient experiences and value-based healthcare.”

Philip Luce, Director of Bupa Cromwell Hospital said: “We always strive to offer the best in orthopaedic treatment, and this partnership with the Fortius Clinic gives our patients access to the best facilities and latest technology, whilst benefiting from the highest quality patient care and outcomes. We’re excited to be offering Fortius Joint replacement at Bupa Cromwell Hospital, where state-of-the-art robotic technology will ensure an enhanced patient experience.”

The clinic will be open to insurance, and self-paying patients from today. For more information, please visit:



Notes to editor

Notes to Editors

About the Fortius Joint Replacement Centre
The Fortius Joint Replacement Centre at the Bupa Cromwell Hospital London brings together Bupa, a leading global healthcare company, with the Fortius Group of orthopaedic specialists. The partnership aims to achieve excellence in hip and knee joint replacement surgery by providing the most effective and highest quality of care for all our patients.

The team of experts uses the latest evidence-based critical care pathway to enable patients to recover as fast as possible after their surgery. This means that patients benefit from a shorter stay in hospital and a carefully managed return home.

About Fortius
The Fortius Group is the UK's leading private orthopaedic and sports injury group. Founded in London by a group of leading Orthopaedic Surgeons and Radiologists, with a shared vision of building a worldwide centre of excellence in musculoskeletal care, the clinic brings together the country's leading experts in orthopaedics and sports injury treatment, with a shared commitment to advancing the science of medicine and a better patient experience.

The clinic now features over 80 leading specialists, with two outpatient and diagnostic clinics, a surgical centre and an innovative inpatient unit for joint replacement surgery, in partnership with Bupa Cromwell Hospital. 

About the Bupa Cromwell Hospital
Bupa Cromwell Hospital is an internationally renowned private hospital, based in Kensington, committed to providing the most effective and highest quality healthcare for their patients. They do this through investment in state-of-the-art equipment, having highly trained clinical and support service staff, and by attracting leading consultants and doctors recognised for excellence in their specialised fields. Their highly experienced nurses and clinical staff offer first class medical expertise, complemented by real dedication and compassion.
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