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15 January 2018
Grant Robson, 45, Glasgow
Man with his daughter by the water

Last Easter, while on holiday at Robin Hood’s Bay, I was out walking with my family. As I turned around, I saw that my Dad was ashen grey and having a lot of trouble keeping up with the group. It was an absolute shock and a trigger point for me, as I saw what my future could potentially hold. 

Heart problems run in my family. My granddad had a heart attack when he turned 50, and I realised I was only five years away from turning 50 myself!  Seeing my father struggle during our family hike was a big wake-up call. It was obvious just how important it is to take good care of your heart, because one day you may not be fit and well enough to do so.

I wanted to exercise more and get into better shape; start to shift the beer belly and prove to myself that I could do better. But with a full-time job and a young family, getting time out in the morning or evening to go to the gym was tricky. 

Instead, I began going on lunchtime walks around central Glasgow, taking half an hour to exercise and explore my city, which I’d never really done before. As well as feeling fitter every day, it’s given me way more appreciation for the art and architecture – most people are so busy staring at their feet or their phone that they never look up!
And it’s better than a gym because you're outside and seeing all these beautiful views. And the best thing – it’s free! 

As a result of this one change, I became more aware of other things, like the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Eating too little is as bad as eating too much – that was a big eye opener for me because it’s definitely a perception that eating less will result in losing weight, but that’s not the case! 

My dad has just turned 70 and he's struggling with poor health. I now know that when I’m 70 I'd rather be active, for the sake of my kids. My dad and granddad have both suffered with poor heart-health and my daughter, Jenny, was born with a heart condition which meant she needed an operation at just two years old.

It’s made me realise how precious life is and that I want to be around for as long as possible, to enjoy and appreciate it to the full. 

What is #EverydayMoments?
A new health report of 4,000 people, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, revealed that seven in 10 Britons overlook the role that feeling well health plays in enjoying their everyday lives.

The #EverydayMoments campaign sets out to encourage everyone to share their own ‘everyday moment’ – all the fantastic things that they do every single day thanks to good health. 

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