Top three apps to get you moving this summer

27 July 2016

Summer is a great time to get out and about, and a great opportunity to get fit at the same time. But looking after your fitness can sometimes feel like a chore so we’ve reviewed three apps that can motivate you to good health.

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1. Pokémon Go

Pokémon has returned to our lives and has taken the app world by storm. Despite that many people are glued to their phones, the app gets people moving. From parks to streets, people are clocking up the miles unconsciously whilst having fun capturing the Pokémon all round.

So does the app really have any health benefits? Our health experts found that you can't get far in the game without moving around a lot! Even once you've managed to get an egg, you have to walk 2 to 5 km in order for the egg to hatch – that's between 5,000 and 6,500 steps!

Walking is a great way to burn those calories, prevent and manage conditions like blood pressure, and can improve your mood by taking short breaks away from work.

We found this app will get you walking distances without consciously thinking about getting fit and provides fun at the same time – worth a try this summer.

2. Bupa Boost

Bupa Boost is a health and well-being tool designed to inspire you to set and achieve your own health goals. By competing with colleagues on a virtual leader board you can have fun whilst improving your health.

The best bit of this app is it's a one-stop-shop which syncs all your fitness apps and wearables into one. It also gives more rounded support to your health: tracking your fitness, offering nutritional advice and allows you to exercise mindfulness and relaxation techniques. After all mental health is just as important as physical health!

We found competing with colleagues can be fun and the access to 24/7 health advice means this app is not just confined to fitness – it can help you to keep up a healthy lifestyle more easily. Bupa Boost is available to everyone who takes a Bupa Health Assessment as part of their coaching experience, helping people to track and stick to their personal goals.

3. Zombies, run!

Not for the faint-hearted, Zombies, Run! is an adrenalin-pumped app that gets you to work out with a twist. When you're walking, running or jogging you simply load the app and put your headphones in. You're then transferred to an alternative, post-apocalyptic world where you need to avoid zombies to survive.

The app is a great way to stay motivated when you're working out, but also encourages you to push yourself further because you need to run faster when the dreaded zombies are approaching. And there's also an option to build your own workouts which makes for great interval training.

As a bit of fun and a great motivator for doing cardio training, the app follows a story which keeps you engaged and sets the scene for a fun-filled workout of running away from the zombies.

Rob Edmundson, Director of Product, Proposition and Digital at Bupa UK said:  “The Pokémon Go app is certainly creating headlines. Whatever your opinions may be, we are always advocates of finding more engaging and safe ways to encourage more people to leave their desks or the comfort of their sofa to get out and about - some small changes to your lifestyle can make a big, positive difference”.

“Many smartphone apps and other wearable technologies are now doing a great job in bringing people together, creating new communities and making it easier to maintain and improve our health and wellbeing. I'm expecting many more games like Pokémon Go to spring up over the coming months with intent to get more of us active. I am very interested to see whether this gives us data that really helps us measure objectively any positive health effects that these apps could well have.”

Take a look over our helpful infographic to see how many calories you can burn through playing Pokémon Go. 

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