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18 January 2018
Grace Rowland, 27, London 
Woman running on the beach
I sat in a care home with my nana, as she played with her pet cat that lives in the home with her. I spoke with her, but her Alzheimer’s meant that she didn’t know who I was anymore. 

I looked around and saw other residents who were being cared for, living with various stages of dementia.
I guess in that moment I could have felt sad and sorry for my nana. But instead, there was a very stark realisation that exactly the same thing could happen to me one day. It made me reflect on what a great life I’ve got and made me thankful for all the things I’m able to do. I have a great job as a Health Adviser at Bupa, I can go out and meet friends and I can exercise.  Running has definitely become my thing since I graduated from university in 2014 and this experience also made me realise how very grateful I am for just having a healthy pair of legs.

I’ve always loved running, but that moment with my nana was my motivation to make it more meaningful, so I began using my marathon runs to raise money. To date I’ve raised over £2,500 for Alzheimer's Society and Prostate Cancer UK, but I’m not slowing down. In fact, I’m looking to bigger challenges for the future. 
In April 2018 I’ll be running the London Marathon for the first time, then heading to China for the Great Wall Marathon in May. 
Running brings so much into my life. It gives me time out to process things and it’s great for my mental wellbeing as well as physical health. But it’s hard work, and that’s something I’m always telling my Instagram followers.

Getting out the door is usually the hardest part, but once I’ve tackled that, there's no better feeling in the world than enjoying a run and leaving life’s little stresses by the wayside.

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