V is for Velodrome

22 January 2018
Becky James, 25, Wales
Cyclist Becky James overlooking a velodrome

I injured my left knee in 2014 – I lost stability and it was also really inflamed.  I had been resting after a minor medical procedure and when I returned to training is when I aggravated it.  I would struggle to get on my bike and ride for much more than 10 or 15 minutes; sometimes after just one lap I would be in considerable pain.

I was advised by my medical team that I needed to stop cycling for a while. I took a proper break, and after about four months I started to slowly get back on the bike – and soon I was able to start training for a race again.  My first professional race after returning from injury was in Derby in August 2015, which meant that I hadn’t competed for 18 months – it was a long, tough journey.

Because of that experience I appreciate how lucky I am now to be able to get on my bike and pedal; being able to ride at the velodrome at Lee Valley VeloPark means so much more now. 

It was incredibly difficult coming back from that injury – having to build myself back up. But now, being able to do as many laps as I want, as hard as I like, and importantly without any pain, just makes me appreciate the simple, everyday moments so much more.

I don’t think I’ve ever really taken my health for granted. But, having that one injury, which meant I was out for so long, did make me take a step back and think about the little things. It was hard to even imagine riding my bike again without feeling pain. 

When I was injured there was no way I could just hop on my bike and ride to the shops, or go for a ride with my family and friends. 

I’ve now retired from cycling, with full health, and my weeks seem to be so much busier now than when I was competing. I’ve got the opportunity to try new things, like new exercises or even go running, which is something that has been completely alien to me, and something I would have never been able to do with my injury. 

Having looked after my body, it’s just made me feel like I can do so much more, and I’m truly grateful for the things that I am able to do.

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