What does a nutritionist eat?

Nutritionist and Centre Manager at Bupa UK
11 March 2016
A woman making a salad

Have you ever wondered what a nutritionist actually eats? I’ve put together a food diary to show you that it’s possible to eat healthily without making mealtimes a chore!

To me, eating healthily is about finding a balance and enjoying food. I follow the ‘80/20 rule’. This means that 80% of the time I aim to eat and drink well, and that allows me 20% to be more relaxed about what I have and not deprive myself of anything. When combining this with a regular exercise routine, it allows me to keep my weight steady and also feel good while enjoying what I eat. Something I have recently started practising is eating more mindfully. This is when I take more time to eat, focus on what I’m having and really enjoy it. I only eat until I don’t want any more. I also try not to eat while watching TV or reading, which can be a distraction.

Below are some examples of what I typically eat in a day.


Breakfast sets me up for the day. This is usually porridge, which is made at home or at work, with a variety of fruit toppings. At the weekend when I have more time I often have some form of eggs and toast. In the summer I make overnight oats the night before, ready to add toppings and eat in the morning.

Eggs on toast by nutritionist Victoria Evans


I always take a lunch break away from my desk. This is typically leftovers from my evening meal the night before, which I portion off ready to take in the morning. Luckily, I have access to a kettle, microwave and toaster at work. If I’m in a rush I usually grab a mini avocado, some plum tomatoes and two slices of bread to make avocado on toast at work. Alongside soup, these are some of my staple lunchtime meals as they are quick and filling. I base my meals around having some protein, complex carbohydrate and salad/vegetable/fruit, with a small portion of healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, nuts) as I find that works well for me.

Avocado spaghetti by nutritionist Victoria Evans

Evening meal

Cooking is one of my favourite things to do. I tend to stick to speedy, simple meals and often try out new recipes from food blogs and popular cookbooks to keep my meals interesting. I also have a few homemade favourites, which include chilli con carne, Thai green curry, or any other spicy curry, served with either basmati rice or cauliflower rice. Cauliflower rice is a substitute for rice; it uses a fresh cauliflower that’s been through the food processer, rather than rice grains. It is a great replacement, as when it’s combined with a sauce as there is little taste difference from normal rice. It is nutritious and low in calories, making it a good option if you’re trying to watch your weight.

Some of my more experimental meals include avocado sauce spaghetti and tuna burgers with salad. Keep an eye out for recipes for these on the Bupa Health Blog in the coming weeks!


I am a big grazer, which is something I am trying to cut down on. I often have a lot of healthy snacks around to help me make the right food choices. Fruit, a handful of almonds and raisins, some natural yoghurt, hummus and vegetable sticks, and snack-size popcorn bags are all things I keep handy at work and at home. I also have a portion of nuts in the car to stave off my hunger before teatime.

Remember – these are just my ideas and personal preferences when it comes to healthy eating. Try and experiment with different ideas and ingredients, keeping in mind the key principles of healthy eating.

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Victoria Evans
Nutritionist and Centre Manager at Bupa UK

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