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28 January 2018

Tim Cutler, 25, Bristol 

Tim Cutler boxing

I’ve been boxing professionally since I was 22. This involves a range of workouts that are very physically demanding on my body. I usually do cardio, swimming, pad work and circuits – this method of cross-training ensures I am in the best condition I can be for the time I spend in the ring competing.

Earlier this year I began to notice eczema developing on my hands and forearms. Initially, I went to a local pharmacy and was recommended various creams and lotions. Unfortunately, the dry, itchy skin didn’t improve, and it became increasingly painful as my boxing gear would rub against it and become irritated while training.

Although it didn’t stop me boxing, I was certainly very aware of being uncomfortable and I started to choose training techniques dependent on what would be most comfortable on my arms and hands. 

It also really started to affect my confidence as I found myself trying to cover up my arms, in and out of the ring. 

My sister works for Bupa and told me I should visit a dermatologist to figure out how best to treat my eczema. She organised the appointment with Dr Osborne in the Bupa Health Clinic in Bristol and I was delighted with the outcome. 

I had my appointment within a week and we discussed possible reasons for the sudden eczema. Dr Osborne talked me through a skin regime to introduce to my daily routine, which included a barrier cream, a stronger cream (if the eczema flared up), as well as a daily cream. I felt very comfortable throughout the appointment and felt like I came away with a solution tailored to my needs. 

I followed Dr Osborne’s recommendations and within a week I was seeing a drastic improvement. The relief was fantastic - I thought I would have to deal with eczema my entire life! Before long I was back to cross-training without feeling the irritation to my skin. The eczema has fully cleared up and I’ve felt my confidence return to normal.

It’s easy to take things for granted when it comes to your health. As a boxer, my hands are my most important asset so I’m delighted my dermatological issues are sorted and I can focus on being the best boxer I can be. 

This case study reflects the specific experience of one customer who used our Pay As You Go services at a Bupa Health Clinic.

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