Y is for Yoga

01 February 2018
Jeeta Bains, 32, London

I used to work way past my contracted hours. This meant I was sitting down for too long, putting unnecessary pressure on my back. When I lost feeling in my right arm I went to my GP, who referred me onto a specialist. I have Bupa health insurance through work, so booked an appointment to see a physiotherapist at the Bupa Health and Dental Centre in Mortimer Street two days later.


During my appointment I had an MRI scan – and the team explained that I had two burst discs in my spine. This was why I had the constant pain in my back, right arm and neck when I was at work or exercising.


At that point, I could only sleep on my back and I couldn’t carry anything on my right arm. I had to stop my gym and yoga classes. Everyday things became difficult, like using my mouse at work or even opening the door – I had to teach myself to use my left hand and arm.


After the diagnosis, the team explained that I could either have an invasive or non-invasive treatment. I choose to go down the non-invasive route as, for me, the thought of having steroid injections and other things near my spine put me off.


I was sent on to a physiotherapist at the Mortimer Street clinic and together, we set up a treatment plan that suited my lifestyle. We had twice weekly sessions for about five months, where she would use special massage techniques and acupuncture. She also taught me exercises that I could do at home to increase the strength in my spine and back, helping to put my discs back into place. Releasing the pressure was the main thing, and the exercises meant that I wasn’t tensing and straining other muscles.


My work also arranged for me to get a standing desk, which means I get to start my day standing and relieve the pressure on my spine.


The whole experience has definitely made me more grateful for the little things in life like going to my yoga classes, which I missed so much. Now when I make a meal or take a yoga class, I can do it without pain. Those little things in life mean the world to me, and it’s brilliant to be living my life in the way I did before, but with a stronger knowledge of my own body and how I can use it in a more balanced way.


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