Z is for Zen

05 February 2018
Gemma Seager, 38, Norwich

It wasn’t until I found my inner Zen that I was able to enjoy my favourite hobby – taking part in roller derby, which is a contact sport on roller skates - confidently and without crumbling.

Before that, anxiety almost stopped me from reaching my dream of playing the competitive sport at the highest level I could.

My ultimate goal was to make it to my league’s A team – the highest level. However, my first attempt at trying out for this team, back in November 2014, ended disastrously.  I ended up crying in the corridor after falling over. It completely knocked my confidence and it was then that I realised, I had to change.

Since starting roller derby I have always worked hard on my fitness and I’ve learnt so many new skills, but in the end, my biggest stumbling block was a mental one. Looking back, I can see that I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform well and would get really anxious before getting on the track.

It got worse, the further I progressed. I would physically shake at times and when I started to actually skate I could hear the wheels of my skates rattling. I realised I needed to find my own personal Zen to help with my anxiety.  And I did!

I started to use mindfulness techniques – they’ve changed everything. I’ve improved my game but also my life, in a million ways. I now proactively use mindfulness techniques and I use meditation to improve focus.

Finding my Zen meant that I could get back to enjoying the one thing I love. It’s really important that we all think about how easily even a minor health issue could take those things away. 


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