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In our new Healthy Me podcast series, you can hear tips from experts about how to improve your wellbeing through small, everyday changes to your habits and behaviours.

Episode 3: Setting goals and falling off the wagon

28 November 2019

Have you ever set a goal, only to find yourself falling off the wagon? In this episode, Tina talks to behavioural expert Lauren Gordon and health coach Leah Rollins about how to set goals that stick, and what to do in the face of setbacks.

Episode 2: Screen time

5 November 2019

In this second episode of the Healthy Me podcast, we're delighted to be joined by Maths Mathisen, CEO of Hold. As the founder of an app that helps people to be more present and use their phones less, Maths has some fantastic tips and insights into reducing screen time that he discusses with our host Tina. To find out more about Hold, visit

Episode 1: Eating well at work

29 August 2019

In this first episode of the Healthy Me podcast, our host Tina Gwynne-Evans is joined by behavioural science experts Juliet Hodges and Sarah Breathnach. From the lure of the office cake tray, to skipping lunch and mid-afternoon sugary snacks, they discuss how you can overcome some common healthy eating challenges that lots of us face during the working day.

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In the fourth and final episode of this season, we'll be focusing on improving how well you sleep and why that's so important.

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