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I know someone with cancer

Created with the advice of cancer specialists and families affected by cancer, this set of four illustrated booklets may help to help explain cancer to primary school children aged 7 to 11, in a clear and sensitive way.

The booklets are full of advice and information – from ideas for dealing with feelings to simple explanations about what cancer is and the different types of treatments. As well as case studies from other children who have been in a similar situation, aiming to help reassure young readers that they are not alone.

Click on the links below to read or download any of the booklets in the series. They may be looked at by you together, read by a child independently or used as a guide for discussion, depending on the age of the child and your particular situation.

What does it mean?

This booklet explains what cancer is and explores some common worries and feelings that children may have - reassuring them that however they react, it’s ok.
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Visiting hospital

Types of treatment are explained in clear language, and we meet some of the health professionals who are doing everything they can to help people with cancer get better.
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Life at home

A look at some of the side effects of different types of cancer treatments. Plus ideas for small ways children may like to help out at home.
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Activity book

This magazine gives kids something to do while they’re visiting the hospital, or if they want to keep their mind occupied at home.
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If you need any more advice about cancer, you can contact us using this form.

Find out more about our Cancer promise.

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Macmillan:If you have any questions about cancer, need support or just someone to talk to, call free, Monday to Friday 9am-8pm on0808 808 00 00

macmillanChildLine:You can talk to ChildLine online or by phone on0800 1111whenever you need to.