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Health insurance

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Health insurance can give you access to private diagnosis and treatment should you fall ill or be injured. It’s designed to complement the NHS rather than replace it and it’s used for planned, not emergency treatment.

With us, depending on the cover you choose, you can receive access to eligible diagnosis and treatment for new conditions in a Bupa-recognised private facility from a Bupa-recognised consultant.

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Our cover has different options, but in general you can expect all of this and more:

About our cover

Our health insurance puts you in control with the choice of two core products that you can adapt to help suit your needs.

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  • As a starting point, think about your lifestyle, budget and the areas of your health that concern you the most. Comprehensive covers medical costs from diagnosis and treatment to aftercare.

    If you choose Comprehensive and full cancer cover, it includes diagnosis, eligible treatment and aftercare. Alternatively if you choose NHS Cancer Cover Plus, cover is only available if the radiotherapy, chemotherapy or surgical operation you need to treat your cancer is not available under the NHS.

    Treatment and care covers eligible treatment and following this, any consultations, diagnostic tests and scans that are needed afer you have received your treatment.

    If you’d like to speak to us about health insurance, call 0800 606 570 ^ and we can talk you through some suitable options. Alternatively you can get a quote online now.

    If you want to learn more about health insurance and how it works, take a look over our health insurance guide.

  • Bupa By You covers you for new conditions that occur once your cover has started - so you won't be able to use it for medical conditions that were apparent before you took out cover. There are also certain conditions that, whichever plan you choose, will not be covered, for example chronic long-standing conditions or cosmetic surgery. Details of the full list of exclusions can be found in the policy benefits and terms (PDF, 229KB) that will also be sent to you once you have taken your cover out.

  • You'll be covered from the moment you have agreed on the level of cover that's right for you and you've set up your monthly Direct Debit. Once your cover has started, you can cancel it within 21 days and as long as you haven't made any claims we'll refund all of your subscriptions for that month or year. You'll be sent all of the documentation that details what is and isn't covered and how you get in touch with us should you need to claim. You can also find this information in our policy benefits and terms (PDF, 229KB).

    Each year before your renewal we'll send your renewal details including your new subscription price.

  • For an additional cost you can add your partner and/or your children (including newborn or adopted children) as dependants on your membership at any time. Please call us so that we can update your policy on 0333 331 4195 ^.
  • We’ll write to you at least 28 days before your renewal date, and your annual cover will automatically be renewed unless you decide to end your cover. Each year at renewal you can change elements of your cover if your circumstances change.

  • If you’ve been part of a company health insurance scheme but you’re leaving it now, you can still keep your Bupa health insurance.

    If you were asked to give details of your medical history on your company scheme we will consider providing cover with Bupa By You without the need to provide any further medical details. However, anything that was excluded on your company scheme would remain excluded on Bupa By You. When joining Bupa By You as a company leaver, you will be required to meet our of eligibility criteria.

    Find out more, or call us today on 0800 606 570 ^ to talk through your health insurance options.

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