Introducing Well Health

26 July 2023

Today we’re excited to announce our next benefit to deliver on our commitment to be better for business. Well Health will be available from January 2024, to all corporate customers with 50+ employees. Please see the supporting materials below and read on to find out more.

What is Well Health?

Focusing on wellbeing and sustainable healthcare which is a key challenge for employers, Well Health empowers your employees to take an active role in their own health. With quick access to screening, diagnosis and aftercare for a range of wellbeing worries, it creates a much better chance of spotting a problem early, before it becomes a bigger concern. This is often associated with less resources-intensive care and better outcomes for the person in need of support.

Well Health brings together a number of services:

  • Cancer Screening – fast, convenient ways to screen for common cancers
  • Fertility Check – helping employees make informed choices about their fertility
  • Face-to-face GP appointments – helping employees see a GP quickly and get health worries sorted sooner
  • Menopause Plan – expert menopause support to help employees feel live themselves again
  • Men’s Sexual Function Plan – expert guidance and a tailor-made plan to help get to the root cause of sexual function issues
  • Nutrition – giving employees the tools and knowledge to make better nutritional choices

When can you access Well Health?

Well health includes Cancer Screening (currently Health Check), Fertility Check and Menopause Plan which are available now, and we have a number of new modules for January 2024 including Face to Face GP, Men's Sexual Function Plan and Nutrition.

If you have any queries, please speak to your Bupa Account Manager now, or check out the supporting material at the top of this article.

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