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Free Bupa Fitness iPhone/iPad app

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Assess and improve your level of fitness with Bupa’s targeted workouts and personal four-week plan

Use Bupa Fitness workouts as a stand-alone programme or to complement your cardiovascular routine. It is designed for all age groups and all levels of fitness. The exercises are simple and can be done on the go or at home.

The application is designed to help you progress on four key areas of fitness: flexibility, core stability, balance and strength.

Simon Fairthorne, a Bupa physiotherapist who developed the exercises, said: "These exercises strengthen the core muscles, which act like a corset around your trunk, taking pressure off your back and pulling all your other abdominal muscles into the right place. Not only is core strength crucial to ensure proper posture, a weak core is a potential cause of back pain."

The app is available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad and iPod Touch.

** Please note that due to memory constraints this app will not work on the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch original, iPod Touch second generation and earlier devices **

It is available on iTunes now, and is free to download.

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App features:

  • Start the application by assessing yourself in four key areas: flexibility, balance, core stability and strength on a scale of one to four stars.
  • Each test has a video demonstration.
  • Follow a personalised four-week plan that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses, which should help you to progress by one star in each key area.
  • Complete the targeted workouts to improve your weaknesses.
  • Each workout comprises a warm up, four exercises and a cool down.
  • View a step-by-step explanation and a video demonstration of each exercise.
  • Each exercise can be made easier or harder to suit your level.
  • Use the timer to help you during the exercises.
  • Take the test again at the end of the four weeks to see how much you have improved.
  • Keep track of the exercises and workouts you do, as well as your test results in your tracker.
  • Learn fitness facts along the way.
  • Update Twitter and Facebook at the end of your four-week plan to share your achievements.
  • For additional variety, use the shuffle function to create a random set of exercises.

iPhone screens

iPhone menu

Workouts menu

Workouts menu

Four-week plan

Exercises on day 2

Exercises on day two

Test yourself

Results screen

Results screen

iPad screens

iPad menu

Workouts menu

Workouts menu

Exercise screen

The cat

'The cat'

Test yourself

Test landing page

Test landing page

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