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Health cash plans are designed to help with everyday healthcare costs and offer cash payments for a variety of healthcare needs, such as dental and optical fees.

Benefits of Bupa Health Cash Plans

Different levels of cover available to suit your needs and budget. .

Unlike health insurance there is no need for pre-authorisation if you visit a consultant.

Around the clock, unlimited telephone consultations with our team of GPs and nurses.


Sign up to Cash Plan 100 or Health Expenses and start using your benefits today. We no longer have a qualifying period for new customers. You can start claiming today against eligible treatment.

Terms and conditions – ^ The 52 week qualifying period for maternity and adoption claims are excluded. Cash plan benefits can only be claimed against eligible treatment as detailed in the membership guide.

Health Expenses

Allows you to claim back up to 100% cash back on Dental, Optical and Prescriptions

Cash Plan 100

Allows you to claim back up to 100% cash back on what you spend on everyday health treatments, for you, your partner and your dependants.

Key features of cash plansShow all

tick iconYou don’t have to be ill to benefit Hide

Our health cash plans don't just offer cover for treatment when you're ill. Our Bupa health cash plans offer benefits for routine dental and optical check-ups and Bupa health assessments, to make sure you're in good shape. Advice is available from qualified nurses 24/7 on our health cash plans with our Bupa Helplines.

tick iconSimple claims process Hide

To make your life easier, we’ve made our health cash plan claims process as simple as possible. With our health cash plans you don't even have to get your claim pre-authorised before you have treatment. You just pay the bill, submit a claim form with your receipt and we’ll refund you up to the benefit limits of your chosen health cash plan.

tick iconCover for complementary therapies Hide

If you need other complementary treatments – such as chiropody, osteopathy, chiropractic, physiotherapy or acupuncture – to maintain your everyday health, you’ll find our health cash plans offer benefits for those too.

tick iconMember benefits Hide

We've specially selected a range of fabulous discounts on everything from meals to motoring and more. They've been carefully negotiated for Bupa members and change regularly.

tick iconLow monthly payments Hide

A health cash plan can be an affordable alternative to health insurance. Health cash plans don't offer the same levels of benefits as health insurance schemes, so they usually cost much less. A Bupa Health Cash Plan could be the perfect option if you just want cover for everyday healthcare costs.

tick iconPrompt payment Hide

We process health cash plan claims really quickly – on average within just four working days from receipt of your correctly completed claim form and receipts. We can pay your cash back either via a personal cheque or straight into your bank account.

Our Health Cash Plans and Health InsuranceShow all

What's the difference between a Bupa health cash plan and health insurance? Hide

The table below highlights some of the differences between Bupa health cash plans and Bupa health insurance.

Bupa health cash plans Bupa health insurance
Health cash plans provide cash payments to help with everyday healthcare costs^. Health insurance may be more extensive and covers the cost^ of eligible private treatment and hospital stays.
You pay for eligible treatment/expenses and then claim back some or all^ of the costs^ in the form of cash refunds. Treatment costs are usually paid^ directly to the consultant/hospital by Bupa.
Pre-authorisation is not necessary. Pre-authorisation from Bupa may be required before treatment.
Health cash plan benefits range from dental, optical and prescription costs right through to chiropody, depending upon the cash plan chosen. Bupa health insurance generally includes cover for private hospital-related costs, such as eligible consultations, treatment, hospital stays and outpatient treatment.^
Pre-existing conditions are covered# Health insurance may not cover pre-existing conditions, dependant upon the policy.
I already have Bupa health insurance. Is it worth me having a Bupa health cash plan as well? Hide

Bupa health cash plans are designed to supplement health insurance by providing cash back towards a variety of everyday health care costs that might not be covered under traditional health insurance schemes.

What is a Bupa health cash plan Hide

Bupa health cash plans provide cash payments to help with everyday health care costs such as dental and optical fees, and many more.

Our Health Cash Plan SchemesShow all

Will I need to have a medical? Hide

No you will not require a medical to take out a health cash plan.

Do I have to sign up for a minimum length of time? Hide

No. You can cancel your membership for any reason within 21 days of receiving your membership letter, and as long as you haven’t made a claim we’ll refund any unused subscription for that year.

You can end your membership or the membership of any of your dependants at any time by providing us with 30 days’ prior written notice to: Member Services Manager, Bupa Cash Plan, 1st Floor, Tower Court, Courtaulds Way, Coventry, CV6 5NX.

Questions about our benefits and coverShow all

How do I make a claim? Hide

To make a claim you must use the claim form we provide. If you don’t have a claim form, please call us on 0845 602 1092*. To help reduce the time it takes to reimburse you, send us your fully completed claims form and original receipt(s) as soon as possible following treatment. Your claim needs to be submitted to us within 90 days of treatment unless it is not reasonably possible to do so.

To claim a health assessment or fitness assessment you will be issued a code, which should be quoted to us when you book your assessment. You do not need to complete a claim form as you will automatically be charged £100 less than the full price.

Got an existing health cash plan with a different provider?Show all

Can I claim benefits straight away? Hide

Yes. As soon as you become a Bupa Cash Plan member you can start claiming immediately. (Excl. Maternity/Adoption benefit where a 12 month qualifying period applies) You can also make use of the Bupa Healthline and Bupa Helplines straight away.

Can I claim for all benefits straight away if I transfer from my current provider? Hide

There is no waiting period for any Bupa health cash plan scheme if you’re transferring from another health cash plan and have completed the qualifying period with that provider. You’ll just need to provide proof of your current health cash plan membership.

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Bupa cash plan is provided by Bupa Insurance Limited. Registered in England and Wales No. 3956433. Bupa Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Arranged and administered by Bupa Insurance Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered in England and Wales No. 3829851. Registered office: Bupa House, 15-19 Bloomsbury Way, London WC1A 2BA.

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