Improvements to Bupa Connect

15 February 2022

We're continually striving to improve the service we provide for our customers. That's why we're pleased to announce some improvements we have made to Bupa Connect based on your feedback.

What’s new?

  • You can now view product information, policy documents and download membership/registration lists for policies that have renewed before their renewal date. You can also select the contract year you would like to view information for. As shown in the image below.

  • You can now add alternate billing contacts on Bupa Connect to allow them to receive a notification when a new invoice is available. As shown in the image below.

  • For SME customers, you can now opt to have your health insurance or dental insurance renewal quote online. If you opt to have your renewal quote delivered online, you will receive an email notification 62 days prior to renewal date, to confirm that there are renewal documents available for you to view or download. As shown in the image below.

What’s new in March?

  • Coming up in March, you will be able to add, delete and edit members in future contracts.

We hope that continuing to develop Bupa Connect makes your healthcare easier to access and manage. If you have any questions about Bupa Connect, or you need support accessing the new features please use the webchat facility in Bupa Connect by clicking 'talk to us' or alternatively you can email

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