Re-watch: Health Insights - the power of prevention for healthier workplaces

15 February 2022

This February we hosted our virtual event where our panel of experts discussed the power of prevention for healthier workplaces.

During the session Dr Petra Simić, Medical Director, Bupa Health Clinics, examined the future of preventative healthcare and the challenge of equipping employees with the right knowledge and skills to be co-creators of their own health. In addition to this, Dr Caroline Wood, Head of Behavioural Insights and Research, Bupa Global and UK, discussed how behavioural change can improve workplace health and wellbeing. Lastly, Dr Naomi Humber, Head of Mental Wellbeing, Bupa Health Clinics, explored how employers can help prevent mental health issues to build more resilient workforces.

You can now re-watch the full event by clicking this link:

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