Introducing Workplace Mental Health Advantage

21 April 2023

We’ve recently launched Workplace Mental Health Advantage, now available to all our corporate customers. Please see the support materials below and read on to find out more.

Why have we launched Workplace Mental Health Advantage?

People need more support than they’re getting. But challenges like the pandemic and rising living costs have affected all of us. People are feeling the pressure. And more of us than ever before are needing support.

The UK Workplace Wellbeing report has found 46% of employees say their mental health has worsened in the past few years*. Whilst 22% are struggling with the blurring of boundaries between home and work*.

What is Workplace Mental Health Advantage?

It’s clear that navigating the mental health marketplace for support can be difficult for our customers. This is why we’ve created Workplace Mental Health Advantage – a new service with tailored support for your employees’ mental health. And it builds on our foundations. We’re proud to have the most comprehensive mental health cover in the market^, but we’re always pushing to do more.

With a big focus on early intervention, Workplace Mental Health Advantage helps your employees to recognise when a colleague needs support, and to identify early on when they might need help themselves. And when they do, the support they need is right there:

Embedding a culture that champions wellbeing:

  • Training for line managers and HR teams
  • Easy to manage health awareness campaigns
  • Access to social platform JAAQ (Just Ask A Question)
  • Data to track trends and deliver insights into employee mental health
  • Support with behavioural sciences, to understand and influence your wellbeing culture

Encouraging engagement with wellbeing services:

  • Tailored engagement services for remote and non-office workers
  • Mental wellbeing coaches on tap - coming soon 2023

Support when members need it most:

  • The most comprehensive mental health cover available, with no time limits
  • In-person, digital or telephone-based care
  • Single access point to mental health services (EAP/PMI) – coming soon
  • Direct access to a mental health therapist within 10 days, if needed – coming soon
  • Digital bookings for mental health treatment – coming soon

The idea is to help you build a positive environment and a resilient workforce, where time at work enables better mental health. That’s why we’ve partnered with JAAQ, a new social platform to help engage employees and ensure they feel supported and able to talk openly. We will be sharing more information about our partnership in the coming months.

Your colleagues will feel supported. And know they’re in a safe space where they can talk openly about anything. And with Bupa there, on tap, every step of the way, they can feel happier and more engaged when they’re at work.

To find out more, speak to your Bupa Account Manager or Intermediary Partner now, or check out the supporting material at the top of this article.

*UK Workplace Wellbeing report, SilverCloud 2022

^This comparison to other products in the market is based on Bupa’s and Defaqto’s interpretation of the differences between Bupa’s Corporate Select product and other health insurance products shown above offering mental health cover in the market in February 2023. The comparison excludes any special offers or promotions which may temporarily alter the cover offered. This cover comparison information is for personal use and guidance only and does not constitute any contractual representation, warranty or obligation by either Bupa or Defaqto about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of the comparison. Neither party accepts any liability for errors, omissions, direct or consequential loss in relation to this comparison. To see how we compare, visit (PDF, 0.9MB)

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