Care home residents celebrate Random Acts of Kindness in the local community

13 March 2024

Residents at Argyles Bupa Care Home have recently celebrated Random Acts of Kindness making posies to hand out in the local community.

The day was organised by Activity Co-ordinators Emma Povey-West, Rossiya Silva, receptionist and Care Assistant Genevieve Revil who took three residents, Pam, Pauline and Kay to hand out bunches of posies. The posies, made up of yellow roses and daffodils, were labelled with messages of kindness from the three residents who headed into the community to spread a little joy. When handing out the posies, the trio were greeted by very grateful members of the public.

Random Acts of Kindness Day celebrates acts of kindness, spreading positivity to both the receiver and the giver.

One resident, Pam Corfield aged 75 commented: “I thoroughly enjoyed handing out the flowers, it was lovely to brighten people’s days, and it shows it really is the little things.”

Another resident, Pauline Carter aged 86 added: “It was a great day handing out the posies, people were really grateful and one lady said it had made her day, it was lovely.”

Jane Edwards, Home Manager, commented: “It was a lovely day spent with our residents bringing joy to others. Members of the public were incredibly touched by the small but thoughtful gesture and this in turn brought joy to our residents through spreading a little kindness in the local community. Taking part in activities such as these is incredibly important to our resident’s well-being and therefore important to us.”

Staff and residents at Argyles are looking forward to taking part in more activities such as these in the future.

Argyles Bupa Care Home is situated in Newbury and welcomes residents in need of nursing or residential care including those living with Huntington’s or Parkinson’s. For further information, please visit

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