Health and the battle for talent

30 October 2015

Understanding and responding to the ‘war for talent’ – the growing deficit between skilled jobs and the workers trained to fill them – is crucial for the survival of your business. Attracting the right talent is about much more than just salary. Offering staff benefits like health insurance is a key weapon in this new battleground.

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The war for talent is getting tougher every year. By 2030, many of the world’s largest economies will have more jobs than skilled people to fill them1 and the effects are already being noticed. In 2013, 62 per cent of UK employers reported a shift towards a ‘buyer’s market’, up from 20 per cent in 20092.

As attracting talent gets tougher, a competitive salary is no longer enough to secure the best employees and employee acquisitions aren't the only challenge; retaining key staff is also vital in building a successful business. Workplace welfare and attractive staff benefits such as pensions and health insurance can be invaluable incentives in attracting the employees you need to help your business grow.

Invest in your employees

Once you've made the decision to invest in health insurance for your employees, it’s a matter of finding the most suitable policy for your business. A few things to consider include your company size, the type of work you’re engaged in and whether staff travel regularly for work. Most importantly, do your research.

There are several Bupa business products, all of which provide genuine incentive to current and potential employees:

  • Health insurance offers access to diagnosis, treatment and care. There are a wide range of health insurance policies to suit every employee need.
  • Dental plans cover routine and emergency treatment and provide cover for dental costs via NHS or private dentists.
  • Cash plans offer cash back towards health costs, up to the chosen plan benefit limits and help employees seek medical advice sooner.

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To discuss business healthcare policies that could help your business attract and retain employees, speak to our small business team to find out more.

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