A long wait for treatment could have affected our business badly

22 January 2016

When Peter Mayley needed a heart valve replacement, Bupa was able to help him get the operation he needed quickly. He and his wife Angela tell us how important this was to keeping their business moving.

About eight years ago, Angela and Peter Mayley, bought a sandwich shop in Theale, Berkshire. The seven-day-a-week operation also includes two small concession shops within local offices. Most of the staff, currently numbering 24, are part-time workers and many are still at school or university. Although Angela and Peter, both 62, try not to work seven days a week, it’s hard not to be constantly on call.

“You’ve got to be pretty hands-on,” says Angela. “You never really relax from it, but the nice thing is that you are your own boss. Nobody else tells you what to do – apart from your accountant!”

The buck rests with the Mayley's

It’s a sentiment that many small business owners will be familiar with. Because the buck rests with the Mayleys, being fit and healthy enough to cope with being on call 24/7 is very important to them. They have been Bupa customers for many years but as a small business, they now have transferred to Bupa Select Health Insurance. They offer cover to new starters and regularly use the benefits of the Business Club, such as business discounts and cinema vouchers, to reward staff.

Heart valve replacement

Last year, Peter needed to have a heart valve replaced, having previously had a replacement back in 1999.

“Peter’s heart valve was giving up and he was able to do less and less,” says Angela. “A long wait for treatment could have affected the business badly.”

“I was getting slower and slower and more and more tired,” Peter remembers. “Then I had the operation through Bupa – a space came available over one of the May bank holidays and I was out of hospital in five days. That really saved us time and effort, and it made me feel enormously better. I was off and away again!”

Back to form

Peter is now back to his old form, keeping ‘out of the way’ in the back of the shop doing admin and occasionally popping out to clear a few tables when it’s busy. “I guess I see us as lifelong Bupa customers now,” he says. “Bupa has treated us well and so far we’ve been able to plan any medical treatment before we get seriously ill. Planning and certainty are always huge benefits in any business.”

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