Mental Health Support

03 March 2022

During recent times we have all experienced a lot of uncertainty and it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed. Feeling this way can lead to a decline in our mental health, so it’s important to seek support when it’s needed.

When feeling overwhelmed it can be a good idea to try to maintain self-care, by getting enough rest and remembering to eat and drink. You could also try talking about complex thoughts and feelings either to friends and loved ones or a professional. And try not to spend too much time 'doomscrolling' on social media; it's important to be informed on the facts but try to access credible sources to avoid additional worry. It may also help to focus on things you can control as opposed to what you can’t.

We realise it’s not always as easy as it sounds and we are seeing an increase in calls as a result, but we’re here to help support your people through these challenging times as much as possible. If you’re an EAP customer, your people and their immediate family members over the age of 16 can get wellbeing advice and support through our 24/7 helpline, as well as access to a number of online self-help tools covering topics such as managing stress, anxiety, sleep and resilience. Health Assessment customers can also access these online tools through Be.Me by following the link to SilverCloud.

Our Mental Health Hub also has a wealth of support and resources available. Employees can also contact organisations including Mind and the Samaritans for advice and guidance on how to best manage their worries, should they prefer to go down this route.

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