Behavioural insights: boosting employee engagement

16 February 2022
Launching our new bitesize module.

What’s the module all about?

Employers can play a unique role in helping their employees change behaviours and be in more control of their own health. For this module Bupa’s behavioural scientists share tips, tools, and advice on how to apply behavioural insights to boost employee engagement to build a healthier workplace.

You’ll learn how to build effective engagement programmes that encourage employees to pro-actively use health and wellbeing services. You can  read more about what’s included here (PDF, 1.5 MB).

How can you access this module?

This module is a pre-recorded video for you to watch at a time that’s convenient for you, it lasts round 25 minutes. To watch the video please speak to your account manager or email [email protected]

Although the bitesize modules are not live you can still ask questions by emailing [email protected].


You can read more about the Academy and other modules that are currently available here.

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