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Being aware of scams is one the best ways to prevent yourself from becoming a victim and to help others to stay safe and secure, too.

You trust us with more than your health. At Bupa, we're committed to protecting your identity and any personal information you share with us. We safeguard your personal information with round-the-clock security and are continuously strengthening our systems so you can feel confident when using our products and services.

Received a suspicious 'Bupa' email or text message?

Sometimes criminals impersonate well-known brands and organisations, including Bupa, to try and obtain personal information or money. We care about our customers, so letting us know about scams which use our brand is important. It helps raise awareness and could stop someone from being a victim of online crime.

Becoming aware of scams and how to avoid them

Our digital lives are interconnected, so if you fall victim to a scam, your digital accounts and online data may become compromised. Scammers like to prompt us to act by playing on emotions, such as fear and desire, usually to encourage us to share information or send them money. They also tend to impersonate trusted brands and organisations to appear even more convincing.

Always take time to verify who's contacted you before you take any action.

Scam watch

Here are some of the most common scams to be aware of:

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