Our digital GP service through the Babylon Health app is changing

11 October 2023

We’re making some changes to how we deliver digital GP services to improve the experience for our customers.

These changes only impact customers who are using the Babylon Health app to access digital GP services through Bupa.

If you are using the Bupa Blua Health app, there is currently no change to your digital GP service.

For customers using the Babylon Health app

Digital GP services will be moving from the Babylon Health app to a new Blua Health feature within our Bupa Touch app.

This change will start to be rolled out from November and run to Q1 2024. Your account manager will agree a date and offer support for this migration.

Investing in Bupa Touch

Our Bupa Touch app will be upgraded over the coming months to deliver Blua Health services and offer a range of new wellbeing features as part of our investment in digital healthcare.

In the future most of our digital healthcare services will be accessed through Bupa Touch to offer a simpler and more convenient experience.

We will also offer a single electronic medical record for most of our onsite, in clinic and digital healthcare services provided by Bupa Clinics as we move to a connected platform as part of this change.

To deliver our new digital GP service we’re planning to work with Bupa Clinics and third-party healthcare providers, including Babylon Health (now eMed Healthcare), to provide capacity and support specialist needs, which customers can access seamlessly in Bupa Touch.

To recap the changes that will impact our Babylon Health app migration plan:

  • There will be no further migrations from the Babylon Health app to the standalone Bupa Blua Health app
  • Customers using the Babylon Health app will migrate to our Bupa Touch app
  • We expect the first customers to start moving in November and continue into early 2024
  • New customers will be onboarded to our Bupa Touch service from January 2024

For customers already using Bupa Blua Health:

  • There’s no change for customers who have already migrated to Bupa Blua Health
  • We will be discussing the option to access digital GP services through Bupa Touch for users of the Bupa Blua Health app later in 2024

Our account managers will be in touch with clients who are impacted by this change to agree a timetable and offer support with any internal reviews or communication resources that they need. If you have any questions, please speak to your account manager.

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