Launching our new Inclusive Health services for corporate customers

09 November 2022

We’ve launched a package of new propositions under the label of Inclusive Health, for our UK corporate customers. These have been created in response to customer demand, as the role of healthcare becomes increasingly crucial in building more diverse and inclusive workplaces for the future.

The new propositions look after a range of diverse health needs including women’s health, sexual health, and neurodiversity. They include:

  • Period Plan* - a new product that offers fast access to women’s health experts to support common conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Menopause Care** - connecting health and wellbeing capabilities across Bupa to offer menopause support.
  • Sexual health* - a range of sexual health checks for customers with and without symptoms of sexually transmitted infections.
  • Neurodiversity - in addition to our Academy module that is available now, we’re developing a benefit which offers assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for a range of neurodiverse conditions, supporting adults and children.

The new propositions complement our existing extensive range of inclusive health benefits including our gender dysphoria proposition** that offers full support to your employees throughout their transition, including gender affirmation surgery. ^

Family planning services such as fertility checks and assisted fertility (offering fertility checks and egg freezing benefits**) are available as well as fast access to mental health support to parents and carers through our Family Mental HealthLine.

Our Inclusive Health package is supported by our Bupa Academy for Health and Wellbeing which offers our business customers free training and resources on topics including women’s health, neurodiversity, and gender dysphoria with over 100,000 views of the content this year.

The latest data from Bupa’s Wellbeing Index has found that a focus on employee health and wellbeing can act as a powerful tool in a challenging marketplace for talent recruitment and retention. A third of employees (33%) believe their employers have a responsibility to support their health and wellbeing, and more than half (53%) say they are more likely to choose to work for an organisation which offers good health and wellbeing benefits. What’s more, one in five have already changed jobs to secure better benefits.

Richard Norris, General Manager of Business and Specialist Products at Bupa UK Insurance said: “We are at the forefront of an inclusive health revolution; providers and insurers are now tailoring benefits to the needs of their individual customers. These offer a fresh approach to workplace health, where individuals are supported to reach their full potential, and benefits reflect the breadth and diversity of the workforces they serve.”

As businesses face a challenging year ahead, winning the war on talent will be critical to success. Employers should be investing in workplace health and wellbeing solutions that meet the needs of their individual employees. We strongly believe that inclusive health and wellbeing is now a critical part of the business agenda and want to support employers in building these kinds of wellbeing strategies.”

The new Inclusive Health services can help you address today’s workplace needs and address key challenges including attracting and retaining talent.

For more information, please speak to your Bupa Account Manager or Intermediary Partner.

* Provided through Bupa Health Clinics.

** Available on selected health schemes.

^ Dependent on level of cover. You can choose between two levels of cover for employees who are aged 18 and over. Tier 1 provides support up to diagnosis, while Tier 2 offers employees full support throughout their transition, including gender affirmation surgery.

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