Pride Month, June 2024 – business toolkit

21 May 2024

June is Pride Month where all things LGBTQ+ are celebrated. It’s the role of organisations and their line managers to support LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace and they can build a more resilient, happier, and healthier workplace where everyone can thrive.

How does this affect your business?

It’s been shown that businesses that support LGBTQ+ employees and protect their wellbeing within the workplace will gain from higher productivity, increased employee engagement and reduced sickness absence and presenteeism.

We've put together some expert-approved tools and resources. You can share these to help create better conversations with your team. These resources can also empower organisations to open up the conversation around LGBTQ+ topics in the workplace.

Guidance and support for line managers

To read

To watch

Resources to share with your team

Support for your employee’s emotional wellbeing

Resources to share with your team dependent on your employee’s policy or health trust

For more information on LGBTQ+ communities, head to LGBT Foundation, The Trevor Project, Stonewall Inclusive Workplaces or Trans In The City.

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