Supporting your employees with cancer

07 May 2021

50% of the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives1. Despite this, 50,000 people are currently estimated to have undiagnosed cancer as a direct result of COVID-192, due to putting off speaking to a GP about symptoms3 and missed urgent referrals4. This is particularly concerning as we also know that even a delay of only 4 weeks to getting a cancer diagnosis can increase the risk of death by 8%5.

As well as the emotional impact of cancer on people’s lives, it also impacts businesses, with the total economic cost of cancer in the UK estimated to be £7.6 billion6.

With easy access to services, fast results when it comes to checking cancer symptoms, high standards of treatment and emotional support, employees can not only spend less time worrying but also have higher chances of recovery. Meaning less disruption to their personal and work lives, and less worries for your clients.

Download our brochure here (PDF, 1.3MB) to read more about how we can help your clients and their employees when it comes to cancer, whether it’s tips on prevention, how to get symptoms checked remotely and quickly, or treatment after a diagnosis.

We’ve also created an email for you to share with your employees to raise awareness of the services available to them if they are having cancer worries, available to download here (PDF, 0.7MB).

And if you missed our latest Health Insights event, which focused on the impact of COVID-19 on cancer, or would like to watch it again, you can view a recording of the event here.


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