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About Bupa Healthcare Services
Bupa Healthcare Services is the trusted partner of more than 20 Primary Care Trusts across six SHAs, covering over 10 million NHS registered patients. We have partnered with Primary Care Trusts since 2005 and are a member of FESC (Framework for procuring External Support for Commissioners).


At Bupa Healthcare Services, we believe that the best value care, based on evidence of effectiveness, makes best use of available resources while respecting patient choice and satisfying the requirements of the wider community.

Bupa Healthcare Services has its roots in academic research and clinical excellence.  We have built on research into unwarranted variation in healthcare to create products and services to meet the needs of NHS commissioners and practitioners.

Innovation - Shared Decision Making
In the Shared Decision Making approach, patients and their doctors work together, supported by Decision Aids. Individual values and preferences are considered throughout treatment.

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