Information for nurses

At Bupa, we offer a wide range of healthcare support services so that we're there whenever our customers need us. Find out how Bupa can help you to help your patients – and how you could become part of our team.

Discover how you could become part of our team.

Work for Bupa

We employ nurses across our business - in our care homes, as nurse advisers for our health insurance customers, in our health centres and in the Cromwell Hospital.

Practise at the Cromwell Hospital

Nurses at the Cromwell Hospital care for insured, pay as you go and international patients. Find out how to join this highly skilled workforce managing acutely unwell patients, and covering many complex specialities, including: paediatrics, oncology, cardiology, medicine, and surgery.

Health information for patients at your fingertips

We offer a wide-ranging library of support on healthy living along with information and support on hundreds of conditions, written by professionals with your patients in mind.

Support patients who need residential care

Whether your patient needs respite care or longer term arrangements, we can offer advice on all aspects of making the move. Find out more about the care options available to your patients.

Become a Bupa recognised Nurse Specialist or Manual Lymphatic Drainage practitioner

Apply for Bupa recognition to treat our patients and be reimbursed by us for your services. Find out more about Bupa recognition and full details of how to apply.

How to get in touch

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