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For Bupa, as an integrated healthcare company, carefully looking after sensitive information is essential to everything we do. It’s part of our culture and we do it because it’s what our customers trust us to do with their most sensitive information.

We take a number of measures to protect the information we may receive from and disclose to you through our Providers Online (POL) website.

As a user of POL, we ask you to agree to taking similar care in keeping all personal information confidential. That you’ll only use the website and information obtained from it for the intended purpose and not to share any personal or commercially sensitive information with any other party unless it’s lawful to do so.

These Terms of Use are provided to help us comply with our mutual obligations for keeping the personal information of your patients safe.

Types of access to POL

There are three types of POL access available:

  • If you’re the named consultant or therapist on your Bupa recognition, you’re the POL ‘Account Holder’. This means that you’re responsible for your POL account and you can give access to anyone at your practice who you wish to be set up as an additional user (‘Delegate User’) in line with the Terms of Use below.
  • If the main account holder isn’t an individual, it’s a hospital or clinic so there needs to be an allocated ‘Super User’ instead of an ‘Account Holder’. This person is responsible for the account and allocating access to any additional users (‘Delegate Users’) at the hospital or clinic in line with the Terms of Use below.
    ‘Account Holders’ can also set up a ‘Super User’ if they want to delegate full access to their account to someone else to manage, such as a medical secretary. This person can also allocate access to additional users (‘Delegate Users’).

By registering for a POL account, you’re declaring that you’re either the individual consultant or therapist identified in the Bupa record, or that you’re doing so with your hospital or clinic’s full knowledge and authority.

As a POL user, you (‘Account Holder’ or ‘Super User’) are fully accountable for:

1. the security of the user credentials (both username and password) created for this account and those of any ‘Super User’ or ‘Delegate Users’ you create;

2. any POL activities carried out by anyone you’ve given account access to (including your own or that of your ‘Super User’ or any one of your ‘Delegate Users’);

3. ensuring that all your delegated users (whether ‘Super Users’ or ‘Delegate Users’) access POL in a responsible manner in compliance with applicable UK legislation and regulations and that you review their activity on a regular basis;

4. ensuring that any ‘Super User’ or ‘Delegate User’ who no longer works for you/the hospital or clinic is immediately removed from the ‘Delegate User’ list;

5. reviewing who has access to your account on a regular basis (at least once a year);

6. ensuring that any activities that you delegate to a third party (e.g. a shared billing centre) are managed in the same way as any other ‘Delegate User’. In doing so, you acknowledge that these Terms of Use apply to any third parties to whom you delegate account access; and

7. making sure that all ‘Super Users’ or ‘Delegate Users’ are aware of their obligations set out in this Terms of Use

General terms for all users:

POL is only intended for use in the UK in compliance with applicable UK legislation and regulations.

As a user of POL you agree to immediately let us know about any suspected or actual occurrences of inappropriate use or unauthorised access to your account, or suspected or actual breach of applicable UK legislation and regulations in relation to your account (whether as Super User, Account Holder or Delegate User). Please call us on 0345 600 5422^ between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am and 1pm on Saturday.

Where we’re alerted to any inappropriate or unauthorised use of POL or breach of UK legislation and regulations, we have the right to suspend all or some user access.

Your use of POL may include the processing of personal information. By submitting personal information (including patients’ health information) to us you acknowledge that in accordance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018 you’re either the data controller or are acting on behalf of the relevant data controller (consultant, therapist, hospital or clinic).

When transferring personal information to us, you’ll make sure that the data controller has either obtained the necessary consent or identified another lawful basis for making such a transfer. We’ll become the data controller for the personal information you transfer to us.

These Terms of Use are to be governed by English law and the courts of England will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute in connection with these Terms of Use.

^We may record or monitor our calls.

Please note: we’re unable to accept liability for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising from any failure to comply with any of the requirements above.

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