Private GP and nurse services for businesses

Our Private GP and nursing services help to improve the health of your employees and reduce the impact of absenteeism to your business. Your employees can get quick access to doctors or nurses when they need it most.

We provide a range of GP and nursing services with different funding options and methods of access. Your employees can use our private GP services at Bupa centres across the UK, or healthcare can be provided at your place of business.

We can also give your employees access to 24/7 health information and advice from a team of doctors and nurses with our Anytime Health Line.

Why Private GP and Nursing Services are the right choice for your team

  • Supporting you with your duty of care and helping employee welfare

  • Help to reduce employee absenteeism

  • Improve employee engagement and wellbeing

  • Improve productivity

  • Attract and retain talent

  • Early diagnosis and intervention could improve healthcare outcomes

Options for Private GP services

Options on both schemes

These options are available across both our company and employee schemes

Anytime HealthLine

Your employees will be able to access our Bupa Anytime HealthLine, any time of day or night, 365 days a year.

They’ll get straight through to a qualified nurse who can give them the information and advice they need.

If you upgrade this service, a GP call back can also be arranged by the nurse within two hours.

We've conducted a detailed risk assessment on all aspects of our clinics offering, including the properties, tasks performed, needs of our employees and customers, and coronavirus (COVID 19). This has involved clinical teams, property teams, quality and health and safety. The resulting control measures mean that we re able to protect our employees and customers to the highest level and provide the best services possible.

To make sure we re delivering our services in the safest way and limiting the number of people and length of time they spend inside our centres, we've made some temporary changes. Consulting by webchat and video using technology in this way for some of our services will help us to reduce face to face contact. In the event that you or your employees wish to utilise webchat or video conferencing (using Vidyo, Microsoft Skype or Microsoft Teams), please note the following terms and conditions (PDF, 1MB) will apply.

Ear, nose and throat examinations (ENT), lung function tests and hearing tests - we currently consider ENT examinations and lung functions tests too high risk for us to undertake. There are also cleaning limitations with the hearing test booths so we will not be offering these within any of our health assessment range at this time. Contact your account manager or call us to find out more 0330 127 5265

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For more information and to sign up for a free Egress account, go to You will not be charged for sending secure emails to a Bupa email address using the Egress service.

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