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Our cancer promise to you

Our health insurance cancer cover comes with a range of features. So if you are diagnosed with cancer, we’ll look after you for as long as you have Bupa health insurance. Where cancer is covered as part of your core health insurance, there are no time limits and all your eligible cancer treatment costs are paid in full. You must use a healthcare facility from your chosen Bupa network and a Bupa recognised consultant who agrees to charge within Bupa limits (a fee assured consultant).

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Cancer advice and support

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Our useful guides are here to help you understand the fundamentals of health insurance. We also cover a number of key health topics – such as looking after yourself as a parent and taking care of your children’s health.

If you’re diagnosed with cancer and have health insurance with Bupa, we will continue to support you. Both our health insurance policies - Comprehensive and Treatment and Care - include the option to add cancer cover care to your policy.

With each of these insurance policies you have a choice of two cancer cover options, full Cancer Cover or NHS Cancer Cover Plus, which allows you to access private treatment for cancer if the NHS are unable to provide care.

If you choose to add one of our cancer cover options (Cancer Cover or NHS Cancer Cover Plus) to your Bupa health insurance policy, all of your eligible treatment costs are paid in full. If your cover is provided by your employer, please check your certificate or guide to see which specific list of advanced therapies your employer has selected as it may not cover all advanced therapies.

You must use a healthcare facility from your chosen Bupa network and a Bupa-recognised consultant who agrees to charge within our limits (a fee-assured consultant). We’re here every step of the way; from your cancer diagnosis to your treatment.

Yes, we don’t take family history of cancer into account when deciding whether or not to offer cover to a new customer.

We have two cancer cover options, that offer either full cancer cover (from private diagnosis to treatment to aftercare) or if you want to reduce your monthly premiums, our NHS Cancer Cover Plus option, which means private treatment is only available if the NHS can t provide your care (terms and conditions apply).

You’ll need to decide which cover would be right for you, considering your lifestyle and budget. You can call our health insurance team on 0808 115 3461^ and we can talk you through suitable options. Or you can get a quote online, you’ll just need to fill out a few personal details to help us determine the cost of your cover.

We’ll cover any cancer that spreads or returns, providing you’ve already got cancer cover with our health insurance. There are no financial or time limits on our cover, as long as you’re covered under your health insurance policy.

We don’t pay for treatments that are not evidence-based. The only exception is when the treatment is part of a clinical trial, the protocols of which have been reviewed and approved by us. If you select a NHS Cancer Cover Plus policy, we won’t cover treatments that are available on the NHS.

Our dedicated support team can help guide you through what cancer treatment is right for you - we’ll be with you every step of the way.

^We may record or monitor our calls. Lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 12.30pm.

With our full cancer cover, there are no limits on how long your treatment lasts or how much it costs. Unless you or your employer set a maximum benefit limit, either for each policy year or the full length of time that you’re with us, in which case we’ll cover eligible costs until you reach your limit. You must visit a hospital or health centre from our network and a consultant that we recognise and charges within our limits.

Direct Access telephone services are available as long as the symptoms are covered under the policy. If your cover excludes conditions you had before your policy started, we’ll ask you to provide evidence from your GP that your symptoms are not pre-existing for a period of up to two years from policy start date (or five years in the case of mental health) before we can refer you to a consultant through the Direct Access service. Always call us first to check your eligibility.

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