Occupational health assessments and services

Occupational health assessments and services

There are lots of ways you can help to keep your workforce happy, healthy and motivated.

What is occupational health?

Occupational health is an opportunity for employers to provide support to their workforce’s mental and physical wellbeing. An occupational health service often consists of health checks and specialist support from highly-qualified specialists to employees, to help them stay well.

You might consider an occupational health solution because it offers employees practical advice and support for any of their health concerns. 

Feeling stressed or worried can affect your health in many ways, especially in your work life. It can lead to low morale, sickness and absence. Over 15 million working days are lost each year because of work-related stress1. Our employee assistance programme offers confidential counselling, where your team will be able to speak to a specialist in a safe environment.

An occupational health check gives employees an overview of their current health through a series of tests and examinations. These health checks will help your employees identify any health risks and plan for a healthier lifestyle. We have a range of employee health assessments on offer. All of our health checks are carried out by qualified health advisors and each employee health assessment will give you time with a GP.  Find out more today.


Ways to get in touch 

Choosing an occupational health plan to suit your business can be difficult, so our team of advisors can help select the plan that’s right for you.

^Lines are open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We may record or monitor our calls.



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