Supporting you in bringing your employees back to work safely

When it comes to the safety of your employees at their place of work, social distancing guidelines and hygiene advice from the government are a great start. To help you further, we have a range of options designed to support you in implementing your safe return to work strategy.

Simply choose which option, or combination of options is right for your business.

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Discover the latest facts about COVID-19 testing

We've put together a factsheet exploring the main COVID-19 testing methods and the pros and cons of each.



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No, we can provide support for any number of employees.

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Results for antigen tests are collated and sent daily through our secure portal for test results from the previous day.

Yes. Health data is classed as "special category" information under GDPR. The Information Commissioner's Office has provided advice on employee COVID-19 data, including communicating with employees:

Every business is different, with different risk considerations and operational capabilities. Therefore, Bupa will not be advising on this. Our options are there to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your business.

No. As this test does not inform a safe return to work, results will not be shared with the employer.

No, as with all tests, there are limitations to antigen tests. There is a chance that individuals with COVID-19 may have a negative test result (false negative). Antigen tests should not be used in isolation as the sole indicator of safe return to work.

Yes, the employee should follow government guidance on what to do if you have coronavirus. All positive cases will be reported daily to Public Health England as confirmed cases and included in national figures. Results are likely to feed in to the government's "test, track and isolate" strategy.

All positive antigen and antibody results are reported daily to PHE. This will contribute to the national statistic and may also help with local public health considerations as the scientific knowledge base progresses.

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