Bupa Dental Care Beckenham

Raziyeh Moballeghi

GDC - 288370 Statutory Exam 2020 Diploma of Doctor in Dentistry Shahid Beheshti University 2015 Dentist

Raziyeh Moballeghi gained her undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences from Shahid Beheshti University, Iran. She later went on to qualify as a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), and after three years of work in general dentistry, she decided to pursue her interest in endodontics and complete a Clinical MSc in Endodontics at The University of Manchester.

During her studies, she also taught undergraduates at Manchester Dental Hospital.

Today, Raziyeh works as a dentist with special interest (DWSI) in endodontics at Bupa Beckingham. She takes referrals of complex cases, and accepts self-referral patients in need of her specialisms. She recently completed her M-Endo examinations, and is currently working towards being registered as a specialist with GDC.

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